A revolution in glidebait technology.

The PropDuster Glider puts a revolutionary spin on the classic glidebait lure, with an insane action expected of premium glidebaits, and featuring a big fish-attracting unique spinning belly blade.

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PropDuster Glider

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The PropDuster Glider puts a new spin on glidebaits, but doesn't compromise when it comes to action.

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A feature-packed hybrid glidebait.

We've created a no-compromises lure with the action and features of a premium glidebait all at an extremely affordable price.

Spinning Belly Blade

The PropDuster Glider incorporated a unique free-spinning belly blade, designed to throw big fish-attracting flash and vibration in the water.

Full through-wire & chin weight loop

Comes fully wired from tow point to hook for strength, and a chin weight loop to add extra weight for when you want a faster sinking rate.

Strong 4X BKK Hooks

Add an extra chin weight when fishing deeper water or when you want a faster sinking rate.

Custom 3D eyes and soft durable fins

Featuring lifelike custom 3D eyes and flexible, soft and durable fins.