Is it a Tadpole, Fish or Mouse??  No... it’s the... WIGGLE BOMB! Designed to slowly sink and give an incredible Wiggly tail action on the drop, a subtle leg kicking action on the retrieve and a bonus weedless setup for those that want to fish deep into the weeds and snags.   

The WIGGLE BOMB has an ultra life-like creature swimming action, is made from extremely durable TPE Material and can be fished many ways. Keep the rod tip high and use it like a Wake Bait, let it fill with water and fish deep or just slow roll it through snags and drop it down ledges.

Twin Weedless Hook

Pre-Rigged with a twin hook setup that allows the Wiggle Bomb to be fished weedless. When a fish bites down on the bait, the soft, hollow body compresses to expose the hooks, ready for a solid hook set. 

Curly Tail Action

The Chasebaits Wiggle Bomb has an ultra-life-like swimming action, and with the mesmerizing curly tail that flutters and wiggles on the drop, fish will climb over each other just to hit it. 

Built TPE Tough

The Wiggle Bomb is manufactured from tough TPE (10X) material to deal with the toughest and hardest hitting fish around. This unique construction allows for ultra-strong, yet subtly realistic life-like action.

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