The Smuggler is a water blooping, rattling, walker with an incredible life-like swimming bird action. Fitted with a long trailing tail to simulate tail feathers, a matching head feather and colors to imitate the most common birds that big fish feed on. As The Smuggler walks, the wings will splash and make a very noticeable blooping noise while the wide body action will attract the attention of any nearby fish. Matched with Ultra strong BKK hooks and an extremely robust body, The Smuggler is ready for battle.... An EPIC Bass bait!




Epic Topwater Action

The Smugglers topwater walking action produces an audible “Blooping” sound, and creates splash and commotion that calls out nearby predatory fish.

Chattering Metal Wings

The Metal wings on The Smuggler are molded to produce a high pitched intensity commotion that will entice a variety of gamefish species. 

Lifelike Lure Action

The Chasebaits Smuggler is a top water hard bait that mimics the action and movements of a small bird in distress.

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