The BOBBIN' FROG is designed to Bob up and down and move like the real thing. With retracting arms and incredible life like legs, fish are going climb over each other to be first to strike. Made of super strong TPE material the BOBBIN’ FROG is robust, flexible and soft enough to ensure an easy weedless hook up.

The hole around the hook ensures air can escape from the lure on the strike. Simply squeeze the lure to remove any water, or let it sink for another swim action.

Ultra-realistic Profile

The Bobbin Frog is one of the most realistic top water hollow-bodied soft Frog baits ever created. The legs are designed to create an unsurpassed swimming/kicking action that is as close to real life as is possible.

Built TPE Tough

The Bobbin is manufactured from tough TPE (10X) material, which allows for a subtly realistic life-like action. This soft material also gives the bait a realistic feel to the fish, and encourages them to hold on longer, giving you more time for a solid hook set. 

Twin Hook Setup

Pre-Rigged with a twin hook setup that allows the Bobbin’ Frog to be fished weedless. When a fish bites down on the bait, the soft, hollow body compresses to expose the hooks, ready for a solid hook set. 

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