The RIP SNORTER is the worlds first true weedless vibe. This is a lipless crank style bait, but made with Ultra Tough and soft TPE material. It features a custom snap on hook so you can fish deep in the snags were the fish hide and not worry about losing your favorite lure.  

It has the perfect bait profile and made from an ultra strong and durable material.  A flash blade and swivel is attached to the belly to create extra flash and it also gives you the option to replace it with a treble, trailing assist or simply nothing. The RIP SNORTER has been designed to be fished hard and deep into snags to catch you more fish.

Custom Weedless Hook

A custom snap on weedless hook setup that allows you to fish deep amongst the snags or structure, thile strong enough to land you a horse. Each pack also comes with a spare hook!

Packed With Features

The world's first truly weedless soft lipless crankbait... Features include Tough TPE construction, a bottom tow point which includes a swivel and custom underspin, easily replaced with a treble if required.

Built TPE Tough

This lure is tough as nails! Built with TPE ultra tough material, you can rest assured this bait will stand up to the punishment from the fiercest battles, and be ready for more!

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