The Love Bug action packed Crawfish style creature bait is loaded with a variety of life-like creature features including our proprietary rolling hood wings, inverted “Rapid-Vibe” crazy claws, segmented antennae, eyes, and unique insect body ripples. With Crawfish being a key forage item for all Bass species, The Love Bug has been designed to get maximum fish attention as quick as possible with the combination of the rolling hood wings, and rapid-vibing claws on the drop. When twitching on the bottom, the wings and claws will provide plenty of movement to trick any fish into believing it's alive.

Rapid-Vibe Crazy Claws

On the drop, the claws will vibe rapidly, and when vertical jigging,  twitching on the bottom, the claws will flick and whip with plenty of movement to trick any fish into believing it's alive.

Double Scented & Salted

Our soft plastics unique scent and salts have been injected into the body and added externally to enhance fish sensory perception and better attract nearby monsters. 

Rolling Hood Wings

Following the success of the Ultimate Squid and the Flip Flop, the Love Bug utilizes the same incredible lifelike rolling hood wings to create that mesmerizing rolling movement that is irresistible to fish. 

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