Hand sculptured off a real Prawn, the FLICK PRAWN HEAVY is designed to be fished in deeper water, or faster flowing currents. Made from Ultra-durable and flexible TPE material, with awesome realistic finishes and an Ultra lifelike movement, the FLICK PRAWN HEAVY is too juicy for fish to refuse. Throw it into snags, slow roll or twitch it throughout drains and in open water. We have developed the flick prawn to not only look incredibly lifelike, but to simulate the natural movements of an active prawn.

Custom Weedless Setup

The Flick Prawn features a weedless hook with integrated lead weight which allows you to work through snags and laydowns with confidence. Alternatively, slow roll or twitch it through drains, rock bars or open water.

Extremely Versatile

If it lives in the salt, it will smash a Flick Prawn! Designed to mimic the exact movement and action of real prawn/shrimp in its natural environment, the Flick Prawn looks too tasty for fish to refuse!

Built TPE Tough

The Flick Prawn is manufactured from tough TPE (10X) material for the toughest and hardest hitting fish around. This material allows for ultra-strong yet subtly realistic life-like action.

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