Soft, Supple & Strong... it's all about the swim action on our CURLY BAIT soft plastics range, with scent and salt added for increased performance. 

The CURLY BAIT has thin wall ribs and the unique “Body Wave” design to feel softer and more natural. The deep ribs will hold scent and give off micro vibrations to attract fish. They will also hold air bubbles on the first cast and release them like a dying fish. Perfect for slow retrieving and when it is critical to leave the lure in the strike zone for as long as possible.  Added features such as a realistic eye, and two tone injected colors make this bait a force to be reckoned with!


Our Soft Plastics range make use of a number tried and tested, highly effective profiles to attract a huge variety of fish species. 


All Soft Plastics by Chasebaits are double scented and salted. First, scent is injected into the body during manufacture. Once bagged, scent is added to the pack, along with salt.


Perfect for jigging in deep water, bouncing along the bottom or casting and retrieving, the Soft Plastics range has been designed to be extremely versatile, and get bit in both the salt and freshwater!

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