The CRUSTY CRAB has been modelled on the common Shore Crab. It is perfectly balanced to always flip onto its belly when cast. With rapid vibration legs, TPE material and a super strong fine gauge hook, the CRUSTY CRAB is tough and ready for battle. Slow roll, jig or just leave it in the rod holder. Fish will think this crab is real and too tasty to refuse.

Built TPE Tough

Manufactured from tough TPE (10X) material for the toughest and hardest hitting fish around. This material allows for a long lasting lure that is up to the punishment of multiple strikes and catches. 

Lifelike Action

Being modelled off the common shore Crab, This lure is perfectly balanced to consistently flip onto its belly when casting. The Crusty Crab is tough as nails and ready for action.

Integrated Hook & Lead Weight

The Crusty Crab has been designed with a super strong #2 fine gauge hook, and integrated with a lead belly weight... this crab imitation is rugged, realistic and ready to land you that PB.

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