What makes the SMASH CRAB so damn good?

What makes the SMASH CRAB so damn good?

It's all about the action! For over two years our design and development team worked tirelessly to nail the swim action of the SMASH CRAB. Initially, the design started from hand-sculpturing a common swimmer crab in clay, then 3D scanning this model to create a digital format that could then be refined further. Engineers worked on material options from PVC that offers a supple and very nice action, to 10X the stronger option without as much suppleness. In the end, 10X was the preferred choice so larger species wouldn't tear apart the SMASH CRAB and allow for better performance when standing up to big fish. From there we had to make this 10X material vibrate underwater and have the front claws lift like a defensive crab would when approached by a fish - the more lifelike, the more enticing the lure becomes.

We get asked daily if the SMASH CRAB has a built-in vibration system. That would have been an easier option looking back!

Check it out for yourself...

For more videos check out our YouTube channel Chasebaits.

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