CHASEBAITS was founded in 2014 by fishing product design enthusiast Grainger Mayfield, who operates a successful Australian fishing wholesale and distribution company. Inspired by the potential of innovative design and manufacturing techniques, building a brand that encapsulates quality, and the never-ending focus on perfection... the first lure was developed, the brand was built, the lure range grew, the awards cabinet grew, and the rest is history.

Now with a full range of unique lures that are not only aesthetically world class; the swim action, the materials, colors, packaging, hook systems, and attracting features like scents and rattles, are all as important as each other. With an eye for detail, and an uncompromising level of expected quality, our design team are progressively pushing the boundaries to create fishing lures that are driven by performance, for fisherman chasing the ultimate experience!

In 2016, CHASEBAITS was put on the map with the release of the SMASH CRAB, a very lifelike swimmer crab lure that very quickly became one of Australia's top-selling soft lures on the market. The SMASH CRAB went on to win 2016's Australian Best Soft Lure. In August 2017, CHASEBAITS broke the internet by releasing the THE ULTIMATE SQUID, an extremely mesmerising soft squid lure that is taking the world by storm with its incredible lifelike action.

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