Want more action? | Check out the Love Bug!

Want more action? Check out the Love Bug!

The Chasebaits Love Bug is an attractive feast for bass in any body of water and is a perfect way to improve your Carolina rig, Texas rig, Punch rig, or any of your favourite jigs.

Fish won't be able to resist this lifelike crawfish style bait, with its rolling hood wings, inverted 'Rapid-Vibe' crazy claws and unique body texture enough to send any bass wild with desire. 

When throwing the Love Bug, we recommend it be on the weighted EWG hook swimming it or popping it off the bottom with the shaky head, I'm going to be wanting to throw it on a 7 to 72 medium heavy rod. That way you still have the backbone towards the bottom of the rod, but you also have that sensitive tip that's going to load up once you get a bite. When it comes to the reel, really whatever you prefer. Me personally, I like to use it on a 6.5 to a 7.1 gear ratio, something that's not too slow, but not too fast, so you're not pulling away from the action of the bait itself.

Push it into the screw lock and twist it right on. You're going to twist it until it meets all the way up at the top of the shaky head weight. Make sure that it's nice and flat and symmetrical to the hook. You're going to pinch the bait up and insert the barb. Now with most ChaseBaits soft plastics, they incorporate this channel in the bait so you know exactly where to put your hook and once you get it in the exact destination you want, it'll be nice and streamlined so that way your bait is weedless and comes through any piece of cover every time and this is what it should look like once you rig it up properly.

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