Guide To The Ripped Cicada

From the moment this bait hits the water, it looks just like an actual cicada that has fallen out of the bush and darting around on the water trying to walk its way back to land.

This small hollow-bodies rib bait has walking action like no other lure. The clear wings on this bait enhanced with the glitter and UV technology really put out a shine in the water that is bound to draw in the weariest fish to come out and take a second look.

It’s the perfect topwater lure to use while chasing estuary and river species such as Bream, Estuary Perch, and Bass. 

Not to mention an array of colors, seven in total to choose from, to match the hatch on the water that you're fishing any time of the year.

When a fish comes up and hits this bait, you don't want to jerk it away like you would with a medium, heavy, or heavy rod. As such, we recommend using a 6 to 610 medium action rod, especially for the fact that this is a topwater bait that's walking across the surface. Hence, you want to let that rod load up, reel down to the bait, and let those Japanese installed trouble hooks do all the work for you.

Overall, this lure makes for an excellent addition to any surface fisho’s tackle box this summer!


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