Jigging & Bottom Fishing The Ultimate Squid

Recently Chasebaits USA Pro Staff members Buddy & Paul fished the Chasebaits Ultimate Squid 15 miles out of  Sebastian Inlet, Florida – with incredible results. The team caught a multitude of Almaco Jacks and a few Greater Amberjacks jigging and bottom fishing the Calamari colored Ultimate Squid. 

The Squid In Action:

The Almaco Jacks were hitting the Ultimate Squid left and right – with the Chasebaits Pro Staff landing some real reef donkeys.

Check out the Almaco Jacks inhaling the Ultimate Squid in the video below. 

The Ultimate Squid

The Chasebaits Ultimate Squid features mesmerizing rolling hood wings that vibrate and flutter on the fall, realistic candle tentacles, and true to life 3D eyes that really pop. They come in seven unique colors, and three different sizes so that you can target different species: 5.9”, 7.8”, or you can upgrade to the Monster Ultimate Squid which measures a whopping 11.8” and is made from Ultra tough TPE material.
You can use these baits to target any species that preys on squid - jacks, snapper, lingcod, grouper, the options are endless.

Gear Used:

On the day the team used a 7.8” Calamari colored Ultimate Squid on the 3oz Ultimate Squid rig,  65lb Hi-Seas braid, an Okuma Azores, and an 80-pound leader (because you just never know what you’re going to hook) tied with a double uni knot.


Depending on which species you’re targeting you’ll work the rod differently. Buddy and Paul rip jig over wrecks and structure to hunt for the jacks and swim it on the bottom when they’re targeting snappers and groupers. Try to keep your line up and down as best you can to stay right over the fish. The up and down action vertically is a lot better than sideways, especially in ripping it up through the fish.

You’ve got to be patient, try to stay with the current and let that bait drop straight down – that way when you’re jigging it, it comes up naturally vertically and allows the bait to have all the action that it can. The team jigged the Ultimate Squid so it was jumping up, and then fluttering down – This creates epic action with its realistic tentacles and rolling hood wings. In fact, every fish caught on the day was on that fluttering down motion.

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