How to Store TPE or 10X Products

How to store TPE or 10X Material

We use TPE Ultra-Tough material for its strong, super stretchy and durable properties. Using TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) allows us to create products that are more resilient to nicks, cuts and tears from casting into heavy structure or getting crunched by big fish.

Although ultra strong and durable, the unique chemical properties of this material require it to be stored a little differently to traditional lures made from other plastics.

Do not allow TPE lures to touch other non-TPE products.
This can cause a chemical reaction, which can deform or melt the material.
TPE lures CAN be stored with other TPE lures safely.

A TPE safe, (or “WormProof”) tackle tray is suggested for storage.

We have just released our "TPE Safe Storage System"... CLICK HERE for Details!

Chasebaits TPE Safe Tackle Tray

Below are some tips for storing your TPE Lures:

  • Where possible, store your TPE lure in the original packaging – this is the safest option.
  • If you prefer to store your lure in a tackle box, ensure that the tackle box is "worm proof". Worm proof boxes are specifically designed not to react with TPE materials.
  • Never allow TPE lures to touch non-TPE plastics.
  • Avoid high heat - Temperatures over 150F (70c) degrees can cause the material to soften. Store in a cool place where possible. 

    REMEMBER: You can store TPE products together, but they must be kept separate from other non-TPE plastics. 


    • Chasebaits

      We have tested ziplock bags and have had no issues.

    • Chasebaits

      “Worm Proof” is a term some companies use to say they are 10X, TPE, Elaztech etc compatible.

    • Michael Mauk

      thanks for the information on storing these lures! I will see if they will be ok in my phifertex mesh material I use with my line of lure covers.

    • James Gee

      what do you mean by worm proof?

    • Nathan Newman

      Will they be ok if I store them in a ziplock?

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