How to Store TPE or 10X Products

How to store TPE or 10X Material

A number of our products are made from a TPE Ultra-Tough material for it's strong, super stretchy and durable properties. TPE Ultra-Tough material is what makes our products more resilient to nicks, cuts and tears that result from casting into heavy structure or getting crunched by big fish.

Like most other plastics on the market, it's important not to store two different types of plastics together as they can cause a chemical reaction, which can deform the plastics. Below are some tips for storing your TPE-based Chasebait lures:

  • Where possible, store your TPE lure in the original packaging – this is the safest option.
  • If you prefer to store your lure in a tackle box, ensure that the tackle box is "worm proof". Worm proof boxes are specifically designed not to react with soft plastic materials.
  • Do not store TPE lures with non-TPE lures.

REMEMBER: You can store TPE products together, but they must be kept separate from other non-TPE plastics. 

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