Brood X Cicada Spawn | How Anglers Can Make The Most Of It

There is a once in every 17-year event on the horizon, Cicadas in the eastern states will be congregating for a massive swarm that will change the entire landscape for just a few short weeks - Brood X.

Brood X is a cyclical phenomenon that occurs across the north eastern part of the country, where billions (yes with a B!) of nymph Cicadas take to the land to lay their eggs, shed their skin and most importantly - spread their wings and fly! 

(Image credit: Ed Reschke/Getty)

So why is this important to us anglers? We’re not suggesting you take to land and start catching these sluggish Cicadas for yourself, although if you are anything like the vast majority of animals in these regions, you would have a pretty good shot. Instead, we're suggesting you use their ineptitude for survival to score some massive pulls during this event!

During this swarm, birds, lizards, wasps and even fish descend on these tasty protein-dense snacks and engulf on a feeding frenzy that is for many of them - a once in a lifetime buggy banquet. Many species even undergo changes in their feeding habits during these periods, to make the most of this phenomenon.

Because of these mass changes in predatory instincts, mimicking Cicada's can be an awesome tactic to make the most of this change in diet and hook some serious fish. Lures like our ultra-realistic Ripple Cicada are perfect for imitating these tasty treats, and even mimic the sounds, movements, and wing action of a typical Cicada.

There’s no better way to prepare for this massive emergence than by “matching the hatch” with Chasebaits USA Ripple Cicada! The 1.75" Ripple Cicada weighs 1/5oz and is a soft hollow-bodied crawling top water lure available in 7 unique color patterns. These unique color patterns allow for the matching of the next North American emergence no matter what stage of the molting process this forage bait is found.

The rippled body, with UV enhancements, produce a wave motion action in the water that fish see and feel with their lateral lines. The naturally realistic head includes antennae and prominent "strike-point" eyes. The clear wings have been designed for visibility and realism, with added glitter and skeletal lines. The impact of this lure hitting the water replicates the sound of a real cicada landing on the surface.

When slow retrieved, the crawling wings produce a low intensity "pop-n-roll" commotion that will entice a variety of fish species including panfish and bass. The Ripple Cicada can also be retrieved quickly with a stop and pause action that will produce exciting top water explosions on the surface of the water. The third method for fishing the Ripple Cicada utilizes a cast, retrieve, “stop and pop”, which allows for a unique "wing hopping" action capable of jumping over low-lying structures such as lily pads!

Brood X cicadas are due to emerge in Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington DC. 

Those living in these states will be seeing these crunchy critters around late Spring of 2021! Be sure to check with us for updates and when to take advantage of Brood X, so make sure you like our Instagram & follow our Facebook for all the latest fishing news!

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